Boot kit for RCV ultimate CV prop shaft. Universal fit for all RCV CV prop shafts. This product fits for X3-PS-CF-2, X3-PS-2, X3-PS4-CF, RZR-PS, RZR-PS2, RZR-PS-CF, RZR-PS2-CF, RZR-PS4, RZR-PS4-CF, RZR-PST, RZR-PST2, RZR-PST-CF, RZR-PST2-CF, RZR-PST4, RZR-PST4-CF, RZR-PSTS-CF, RZR-PSTS, RZR-PS-RS1-CF and RZR-PS-RS1.


  • Boot, Gasket, Band and Boot Housing


  • Product Line: Pro Series I and II
  • Position: Front and Rear
RCV RZR-PS-BK CV Prop Shafts Boot Kit for Polaris and Can-Am

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