The RCV CV design is unmatched in smoothness and strength over any u-joint prop shaft. The new RCV prop shaft features 300M CV components that ensure maximum strength. Prop shaft and components are completely sealed and rebuildable. The RCV design using 3 CVs and an upgraded OEM style bearing, eliminates any concern of carrier bearing failure or u-joint phasing with the smooth operation of CVs. The new RCV prop shaft is made 4130 chromoly tubing and 300M CV components that ensure strength. The vibration issues in many OEM applications is not caused by the carrier bearing. U-joints oscillate by design this movement causes vibrations. The vibrations will prematurely wear on components such's as bearings or output shafts.


  • Photo illustrates an XP1000 version
  • Pro XP CV flange will vary
  • Custom lengths available
  • 1 year warranty
RCV RZR-PSPRO2 Ultimate CV Prop Shaft for Polaris RZR PRO XP - 2 Seat

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