Take your ride to the next level

Honda has been around for decades, being one of the first foreign built off-road all-terrain motorcycle and ATV manufacturers on the market.  Honda bikes, cars and SUVs, and UTVs carry with them a reputation for durability, reliability, and performance that is almost legendary. HCR Racing is proud to bring 100% American made quality to a reputation that set Japanese vehicle manufacturing apart from the rest since the 1960s with a selection of OEM compatible parts and accessories for your Honda side-by-side.

The Honda Talon and Pioneer are two of the neatest vehicles to come out of Honda in a long time. Fun, versatile, and perfect for creeping around rocks or long-travel riding, our suspension upgrades are designed to bring out your vehicle's A-game.  From long-travel kits to forward offset builds with improved A-arms, HCR Racing is there to improve your ride and handling, as well as keeping your on the trail for many, many miles to come.

Better than Stock

The Honda Talon suspension system upgrades give you a decided edge over the stock builds.

  • Improved stability on flats as well as rough terrain
  • Better control in rigorous off-roading conditions
  • Capable of tackling dunes, deserts, mud, and rock.
  • Improved strength allows your suspension to take a lot more punishment than stock parts
  • Long travel kits give your ride more comfort for longer stretches

Honda Pioneer OE Width A-Arms will turn heads.

  • These A-Arms provide better turning radius and pivoting for technical maneuvering, and just messing around. 
  • They are build stronger and built to last.
  • They look a lot cooler, with an aggressive boxed look, just like the pros use.

The HCR Racing Difference

We have been delivering quality parts and accessories to our customers for years.  One of the key reasons for this is we are a company for off-roading enthusiasts BY off-roading enthusiasts.  We put each one of our designs through the paces, in the shop, and especially on the trail, before releasing them to our customers.  We love what we do and want to take our customers to the next level. Contact us to see how you can improve your Honda side-by-side before your next trip!