What is Can-Am?

Can-Am is not only a brand of quality off-road parts and accessories but a standard.  Derived from the Canadian-American Grand Prix offroad race, these parts are designed with the intensity, durability, and high-performance feel and handling of a long-travel racing rig.  Tackling a wide variety of terrain is key in the development of all our Can-Am parts. For serious UTV riding and aggressively handling some serious terrain, you need to upgrade your UTV to Can-Am.

Cam-Am Styles of UTVs

Can-Am style racing and performance blends the best of two worlds, long-travel endurance racing and technical off-road racing.  The two haven't always played well together, with suspension builds favoring one over the other, but with strong replacement A-Arms, trailing arms, and other conversion kits which bolt on directly to your OEM parts, you will soon have a capable machine on your hands.

Overview of Products offered for Can-Am

HCR Racing (from Daystar) offers a wide range of suspension upgrades and replacements to bring your UTV up to standards when you are building a Can-Am style of UTV.  Our conversion kits let you maximize your UTV's potential as a long-travel rig, with strength and performance in mind. Our suspension kits improve ride and handling, while still allowing you to tackle technical aspects of Can-Am style racing.  From sand to rock to dirt and mud, a suspension is what sets your vehicle apart from the rest. A-arms and trailing arms from HCR Racing are capable of taking a beating, while our race link sets improve the overall strength of your suspension and won't back out or buckle under pressure when used with our other upgrades.

Why Us?

HCR Racing wants you to take your UTV to the next level.  Which is why we offer free delivery on orders over $100. We know parts aren't cheap, which is why we offer a variety of financing options and a 90 day return policy.  Click the link here if you would like to learn more about us.  Browse through our online catalog and see what Can-Am products you want to include in your next offroading build.