HCR Suspension Limited LIfetime Warranty Policy

HCR arm Limited Warranty Statement:

HCR Suspension warrants to the original retail purchaser that its suspension products are free from workmanship and material defects for as long as the purchaser owns the vehicle on which the product(s) were originally installed. This warranty will be void if any modifications are made to the components, including alterations to the surface finish, i.e.; grinding, plating, and/or welding. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, alteration, neglect, misuse, abuse, or improper use, lack of reasonable or proper maintenance, improper assembly, or ALL RACING APPLICATIONS. Outsourced powder coating will not be covered under warranty. All costs of removal, installation or reinstallation; freight charges, incidental or consequential damages associated with the covered products are expressly excluded from this warranty.

Safety Statement:

The installation of HCR suspension components will modify your vehicle’s original factory equipment and geometry, which may cause it to handle differently than a stock (unaltered) vehicle. Installation of these components is not intended to strengthen nor to reinforce the vehicle’s frame, nor are they designed to increase rollover protection. It is necessary to periodically inspect all suspension and drivetrain components for proper attachment, torque specifications, operation, and for any potential unusual wear or damage. Installation of these parts may modify the height of the vehicle and may raise the center of gravity. Modifying vehicle height combined with off road operation may increase your vehicle’s susceptibility to rollover conditions, which may cause serious injury or death. Many states regulate allowable vehicle height modifications, and it is your responsibility to know and comply with the legal requirements specified by the laws where you reside. Modifications to your vehicle’s ride height may also affect the ride quality, driver input response, trackability and handling, and wear to your vehicle’s suspension components and tires.

How to make a warranty claim?

Before sending anything to HCR, please fill out the appropriate form below with the necessary information and photos needed to assess a warranty claim. You can also down the PDF form here and submit to your HCR representative: DOWNLOAD WARRANTY CLAIM PDF