Rookie Team Wins First in Class at Nostalgic NORRA Race HCR Racing Takes on Mexican 1000 Race in 1974 Ford Bronco 

Coming from the UTV industry, the HCR team is no stranger to the adversities of racing and the unkindness of the unpredictable desert terrain. The idea to race sprouted from a late night conversation in San Felipe during the Baja 250. Something about the serene surroundings and kind locals lured us into the desire to once again hit the trails of Baja. Racing as 2X on a Honda XR 650 for the 40th Baja 1000 we all joked that a caged Bronco for the 50th NORRA might be a good transition. A few months, some elbow grease, and many nights revived a tired short course carcass into a race winning Champion.


A Big Thanks to Our Sponsors

Approaching sponsors with the concept of running a single race with minimal media coverage is not the most appealing request, as we all know. These amazing sponsors came through promptly and enthusiastic about the concept of reviving an old vintage race car. Not getting a single flat on our General Tires through the miles of shale rock and landfills surprised all of us and surpassed any expectations. on day 3, the KC hilites shined making it easier to read the unpredictable terrain in the dark than the 300 previous daylight miles. Saying we were impressed is a vast understatement.


The “TEAM”

We like to use the word Team loosely ... about as loose as our steering on a 70 mile straightaway. Those photographers and spectators stepping back as the bucking dunk approached know exactly what I am talking about! Almost as colorful as the Channel 4 News Team from Anchor Man, these amigos banded together to create a foundation for a good time ... and almost passed as a qualified race team. With a perfect run all 5 days there was more drama in the chase truck then the race car and no better feeling than “Donko Race to Donko Chase -- See you at the finish line” echoing over the radio at each days end. We would also like to send out a special thank you to our Nissan Trucks we played cat and mouse with all day. A battle between stages always makes the day more interesting. 

Driver of Record: Jacob “Brek-a-your glasses” Davies

Pequeño Jefe - The man behind the Donko 

Brittney “Bird Bath” Cardone • Damon “Dixie Cup” Cardone • Richard “Buzz” Bronsema • Jose “Gringo” Salazar


Tecate at the Finish Line

There’s something to be said about running 200-400 miles of the most breathtaking trails to rounding a corner in to town where you are welcomed by friends, fans, and a nice cold Tecate at the finish line. Returning to urban civilization after seeing desolate ranches and villages all day a places a new perspective and appreciation of much we take for granted. The abundant food and drinks provided at each stage initiated conversation between new friends and stories shared that many would forget by the time they arrived back in the states. The camaraderie among racers and teams is unlike any other.

Everyone attending NORRA has a common goal : To get everyone to the next stage safely and to have a good time. As the race came to a close, everyone had the same conflicted outlook : reminiscent on the the amazing experience, saddened to return to reality and ecstatic to start planning for Next Year. The 303 Donko team arrived in Ensenada with a simple quest to make it to Cabo. Leaving the awards Ceremony with a first place trophy is simply the cherry on top. Thank you to all staff, support and volunteers on making this such an amazing experience.