Polaris Side-by-Sides

Side by side UTVs have taken the off-roading community by storm.  Not only are they functional, capable of tackling some serious terrain, and compact enough to get into some tight spots, they are just flat-out fun!  Polaris has had a long reputation for snow mobiles, four-wheelers, and other ATVs for years. The Polaris side-by-sides are no exception to a long reputation of handling and quality.  One of the great things about a Polaris side-by-side is the variety of build kits you can find to improve performance, durability, and extend the life of your vehicle to take on whatever the world throws at it.

Body Build Kits

HCR Racing has been proudly making aftermarket suspension upgrades and replacements for years.  Our inventory is 100% American made, with a dedication to quality that has fueled our reputation from the beginning.  For UTVs, were carry a wide selection of parts and accessories for your Polaris.

  • Suspension kits: Improve your suspension by replacing stock equipment with beefier parts better suited to the punishment the trail can dish out.  From rock crawling to long-travel kits, you can beef up your suspension for better handling and comfort.
  • Bed lifts: Increase clearance on your body with a bed lift to allow for bigger tires as well as more play when it comes to taking on harsher terrain.  Also great for heavier loads to prevent wheel rub.
  • Shocks and springs: Not only do HCR Racing shocks and springs improve your ride and handling, they look great!  Set your vehicle apart from the pack with these parts. You won't miss your stockers once you have installed these!
  • Offset A-Arms: Improved handling and performance is one of the benefits of an offset A-Arm.  Designed to take on the punishment of the trail longer than stock. Improve on your turning radius and pivoting for those tight spots only a UTV can handle.

HCR Racing Gets You There

For off-roading, HCR Racing takes your Polaris side-by-side to the next level.  Our parts are stronger and better designed than stock components, for the best ride you could ask for. Contact HCR Racing to get started on your next project and increase the strength and durability of your Polaris before your next trip!