HCR Suspension CAN-AM Maverick X3 X RS OEM Factory Replacement Kit/ XDS Long Travel Kit

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“We did what the factory couldn’t"

Solid,crafted and reliable. These three words only begin to describe HCR’s newest release; the Maverick X3 OEM Kit. As an early adopter, HCR has helped set the standard in UTV suspension for over a decade. A once radical performance upgrade has now become the norm, driving both aftermarket and OEM’s into a new era of UTV.

To take the already impressive X3 one step further, HCR has developed
an American - made product which looks, feels and functions better than factory. The HCR X3 suspension kit is designed as an OEM Factory replacement kit for the X RS 72" model or can be used as a 64" XDS Long Travel Conversion.

This heavy duty replacement kit follows HCR’s blueprint of quality manufacturing, unparalleled craftsmanship, unmistakable design and distinguishing features which result in a product deserving of the HCR badge. These characteristics
are what continue to underline the uniqueness of HCR.

The factories limitations of cost-driven manufacturing are no match to HCR’s commitment to quality construction and processes. The end result? A product we can stand behind

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